Increased performance and readiness. High-performance coatings for premium firearms.

Our battlefield-tested, advanced coatings have been proven to decrease wear and significantly increase corrosion resistance in firearm components.

gun coating

The Ideal Firearm

An ideal firearm is performant, reliable, durable, and easy to maintain. However, in the real world, firearms can become anything but ideal, often due to wear and corrosion. The good news, there’s a solution. UPT engineers have developed the most advanced weapons coatings which are trusted by top firearms manufacturers and relied upon by the US military.
Our coatings ensure your weapons exceed customer expectations, giving you a tactical advantage on the competitive battlefield.
Explore the industry-leading DLC for Firearms
pvd titanium coating

All the Benefits

Clients who utilize our proprietary coatings on their firearm components enjoy industry leading benefits that boost their bottom line.
  • Maximized Reliability
  • Unparalleled Performance
  • Next-Level Wear Resistance
  • Significantly Reduced Friction
  • Minimized Maintenance
  • Enhanced Corrosion Protection
  • Decreased Carbon Buildup
  • Increased Durability
  • Greater Readiness
  • Surface Finish Match
  • Ultra-thin coatings maintain surface geometry.
  • Premium Finishes - Polished & Matte
diamond-like coating (DLC) for bolt carrier groups

Commonly Coated Components

Bolt Carriers
Firing Pins
Muzzle Breaks
Grip Safeties
titanium-nitride TiN coated carrier with matte finishblack diamond-llke carbon coated bolt and handle for bolt action rifleblack diamond-like carbon coated receiver for bolt action riflepolished pistol barrel coated with black diamond-like carbon, dlc
Aluminum titanium nitride AlTiN coated carriertitanium nitride TiN coated pistol slidepistol barrels coated in diamond-like carbon, chromium nitride, aluminum titanium nitride, and titanium nitride. protective coatings for gunstitanium nitride coated bolt carrier group
DLC for pistols

Wet Lubricants?

Because of the self-lubricating properties of our diamond-like carbon coating, wet lubricants used in firearms are going the way of the dodo. Enhanced hardness and miniscule friction coefficients lead to wear resistance that can’t be matched by liquid lubrication. It’s no wonder customers are demanding these benefits and manufacturers are turning to UPT. After all, wet lubricants are dinosaurs.

Fan Favorite Firearm Coatings

Diamond-like carbon (DLC)
Coating Method
Application Temp1
250 - 450 oF
Service Temp
600 oF
Hardness (HV)
1700 - 2300
Explore P51+TM
Chromium Nitride (CrN)
Coating Method
Application Temp1
300 - 800 oF
Service Temp
1100 oF
Hardness (HV)
2000 - 2200
Explore E2TM
Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN)
Coating Method
Application Temp1
800 - 900 oF
Service Temp
1650 oF
Hardness (HV)
3500 - 3800
Explore E17TM
Titanium Nitride (TiN)
Coating Method
Application Temp1
300 - 800 oF
Service Temp
900 oF
Hardness (HV)
2300 - 2500
Explore E18TM
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