The best blades deserve a high-performance coating that enhances performance, increases aesthetics, and boost corrosion resistance.

Forge a reputation of quality with our leading-edge, nanocomposite coatings.

Premium Protection

Knives can experience harsh environments and are expected to perform under a variety of conditions. These environments and conditions can quickly lead to wear and corrosion. Both wear and Corrosion can quickly ruin a knife's performance and your reputation. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to both of these problems. Introducing UPT coatings! Our proprietary coatings provide the pinnacle of protection for premium blades. That's why top manufacturers and the Department of Defense turn to UPT for advanced nanocomposite coatings to solve their most difficult challenges.
pvd titanium coating

Coatings with Benefits

Our coatings aren't just nice to look at, they're the total package, a package full of benefits.
  • Peak Wear Resistance
  • Ultra-low Friction
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Enhanced Hardness
  • Food Safe
  • Significant Corrosion Resistance
  • Boosted Edge Retention
  • Highly Scratch Resistant
  • Smoother Operation
  • Longer Blade Life
  • Biocompatibility
  • Battlefield Tested
diamond-like coating (DLC) for bolt carrier groups

Commonly Coated Components

Lock Studs
DLC for pistols

Where's the Wear?

Blades, locking mechanisms, and other knife components see a lot of action which can lead to performance reducing wear. Manufacturers of premium knives know that eliminating wear is paramount to maintaining their competitive edge (pun intended). That’s why they turn to UPT, the troop-trusted company for wear protection. It’s time to coat with the same nanocomposites used in high value military components.
corrosion resistant coating


Carbon steels corrode, but our diamond-like carbon coating blankets your steel with a highly corrosion resistant coating. Rest easy knowing that blades coated with our advanced coatings are operable much longer in the harshest of environments. Reliability & Readiness.

dlc is better than spray on protective coatings

Spray & Pray

Sure, you could go with a spray on coating and pray that your customers don’t notice. Or you could choose a battlefield tested, bleeding-edge, nano-composite coating. Spray on coatings quickly wear off and don’t offer the protection your blades deserve. Our diamond-like carbon coatings have been engineered for superior adhesion to all types of metals.

food safe diamond-like carbon coatings

In the Kitchen

Beyond elevating the look of your blade with its characteristic black cloak, our diamond-like carbon coating is also food-safe. Whether you’re slicing, dicing, chopping, or brunoising, the chemical inertness of our proprietary diamond-like carbon combined with its super low friction coefficient make any cutting task safer and more enjoyable.

anti-reflective protective coating

No Time for Reflection

There’s a time for reflection and then there are times when reflections aren’t welcome. If you’re attempting to conceal a knife blade, then reflections aren’t good. When concealment is necessary, our anti-reflective DLC coating is the answer.

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