Food & Beverage

Product contamination and line reliability are constant enemies when it comes to food and beverage production.  

We can help.

pvd vs dlc

High Bar

The conditions that food and beverage production equipment operate in are harsh. These conditions make the selection of equipment material and their protective coatings crucial, especially if the equipment will come into direct contact with product. It's a high bar, but our coatings can help you reach it.
pvd titanium coating

All the Benefits

Get all the benefits our coatings can offer to your food or beverage production.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • FDA compliant
  • Food safe certified
  • Increased Equipment Reliability
  • Super-low Friction - product doesn't adhere to coated parts
  • Run Dry - no need for wet lubricants
  • Chemically Inert
  • Increased Wear Resistance
  • Longer Equipment Life
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Decreased Downtime
  • Eco-friendly Application Process
  • Ultra-thin, conformal coatings
diamond-like coating (DLC) for Pistons

Commonly Coated Components

Pumps - Impellers
Conveyor Parts
Mixer / Blender
Roller Mills
Flaker Mills

Hard Chrome Replacement

Our advanced coatings are the preferred replacement for hard chrome.
  • Higher Hardness
  • Better Corrosion Resistance
  • Lower Coefficient of Friction
  • Complex Geometry Capable
  • Uniform Coating
  • Eco-friendly Process
dlc coating service
P51+ DLC coated valve ball.
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