High-performance, cutting-edge protective coatings for critical components used in the Aerospace industry.
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The confidence to leave the ground starts with confidence in your equipment. Critical components that underperform, are worn, or corroded can lead to devastating consequences. Components like, landing gear, flight controls, actuators, bearings, fasteners, and compressor air foils are especially susceptible.
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with Confidence

UPT advanced nanocomposite coatings are specifically designed to decrease wear, increase corrosion resistance, and improve performance. UPT began in the aerospace sector solving some of the toughest challenges faced by military aircraft. Building on that success, UPT transitioned those technologies into a catalog of coatings available to commercial clients. Take confidence that when you choose a UPT protective coating, you’re choosing the best.
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Aerospace components and system experience tremendous wear during their operational life. The unique properties of our coatings, wear, both adhesive and abrasive, is significantly reduced. This means less failure, less maintenance, longer component life, and lower cost.
diamond like carbon coating to fight wear in the oil and gas industry


Corrosion, like wear, is a performance inhibitor and decreases the operational like of the corroded component and the system within which it operates. Corrosion also reduces the strength of a component, leading to potential catastrophic failure. Our proprietary coatings have been proven to significantly boost the corrosion resistance of components to which they’re applied.
diamond like carbon coating to fight impact loads in the oil and gas industry


Subpar performance in aerospace systems increases operating costs, leads to missed goals, and can create potentially dangerous scenarios if equipment isn’t as responsive as expected. UPT coatings have been shown to increase component performance through minimized friction coefficients, reduced wear, and decreased corrosion.
Components we enhance
Landing Gear
Flight Controls
Compressor Air Foils
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Battlefield Tested

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Like aerospace components, the components used in military equipment see extremely harsh conditions. Our advanced coatings have been proven to significantly improve the reliability, performance, and longevity of the components we’ve coated.

We continue to be a primary explorer and engineer of advanced coatings for the Department of Defense, giving our troops the battlefield advantage.