United Protective Technologies

20 years of high performance coatings

Advanced thin film coatings for extending the life and enhancing the performance of a wide range of devices and components exposed to wear and extreme environments.

Currently Using Our Coatings…
Injection Molding & Extrusion Molding, Gears, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Press Tooling, Weapon Components, Knives, Aerospace, Motorsports, Pharmaceuticals and more

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Our mission

UPT specializes in high performance coatings utilizing Plasma enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PeCVD) & Cathodic Arc Deposition (ARC-PVD).
The engineering team at UPT is dedicated to delivering PeVCD & ARC-PVD coatings that meet and often exceed the demands of an array of applications. Our proprietary catalog of coatings have been proven to increase durability, and improve overall operational functionality in numerous applications; plastic extrusion, ejectors and sleeves for plastic injection, sliding wear, metal forming, aerospace, ceramic forming, motorsports, weapons, cutting and much more.

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"Outside the box" ideas

Our engineering and design teams are fully capable of tailoring any UPT Coatings to meet your requirements and specifications. We are always ready to accept a new challenge...

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