High-performance protective coatings engineered to combat
wear, corrosion, and friction.

Our leading-edge, proprietary, nanocomposite coatings boost performance and increase the life of critical components operating in harsh environments.

pistol barrels coated in diamond-like carbon, chromium nitride, aluminum titanium nitride, and titanium nitride. protective coatings for guns

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diamond-like carbon coating, DLC coating


The materials used to make components are prone to wear, corrosion, and friction, but our coatings can reduce or eliminate these limitations.

UPT coatings reduce wear


When components experience wear, whether abrasive or adhesive, material is lost, reducing the component's performance and increasing it's chance of failure. Wear is a leading failure mode for all mechanical components.

LESS Wear  
UPT PECVD diamond-like carbon coatings


Corrosion can quickly reduce a components strength and increase the friction between components in moving systems. Component and system failure is soon to follow. It's time to increase the corrosion resistance.

LESS corrosion  
UPT friction reducing coatings


Friction happens, but it can be reduced. Friction between components results in wear and heat, both of which will degrade a component's performance and accelerate failure. So, let's lower the coefficient of friction.

LESS friction
diamond-like carbon coating, DLC coating


Less wear, corrosion, and friction results in more of the good stuff. And who doesn't like more good stuff?

UPT PVD coatings increase reliability


Start enjoying a more reliable system and worry less about failure.

More uptime with UPT diamond-like carbon coating


Increased uptime thanks to less maintenance. Replace or repair failing parts less often.

Better performance with UPT DLC coatings


Our coatings boost the performance of critical components.

More uptime with UPT diamond-like carbon coating


Greater durability through enhanced hardness and reduced wear.

UPT PVD coatings increase reliability


Our coatings increase the value proposition of your components, meaning higher margins for you.

Better performance with UPT DLC coatings


Components coated with our coatings last longer and perform better.

UPT PVD coatings increase reliability

...and more

Our nanocomposite coatings provide more benefits than other wear, corrosion, and friction solutions!

Achieve more with UPT advanced coatings

Whether the equipment you operate is a UH-60 Blackhawk, pistol, or control valve, wear, corrosion, and friction cause poor performance, loss of efficiency, increased maintenance, decreased productivity, and increased safety risk.

The solution is simple and it’s on the surface. Our high-performance, nanocomposite surface coatings have been engineered to extend the life of your equipment and components through improved surface properties like increased wear resistance, decreased friction, and greater corrosion resistance.

United Protective Technologies’ proprietary coatings are applied using Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Plasma enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) & Cathodic Arc Deposition (ARC-PVD). Our coatings meet and often exceed the demands of an array of applications. These coatings, including proprietary DLC coatings, have been proven to increase durability and improve overall operational functionality for our clients.

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Typical Applications


Gears, Splines, Bearing Surfaces, Valves, ...


Slides, Bolt Carriers, Triggers, Frames, ...


Blades, Clips, Lock Studs, ...

Plastic Molding

Ejector Pins, Slides, Mold Bodies, Calibrators, ...


Corrosion prone parts


Windows, Domes, Lenses, ...


Watches, Consumer Hardware, ...

Research & Development are the root of United Protective Technologies and drives the innovative surface engineering solutions offered to our clients. This foundation of deep surface knowledge ensures that the solution you need is within reach. Schedule a call with our Solutions Team and start enjoying all the benefits UPT has a to offer.

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OUR MISSION is to ally with our clients, understand their goals then develop and apply advanced thin-film coatings that enhance the performance of their products. Our clients enjoy unparalleled service backed by deep, solution-centric engineering.
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