The pursuit of performance in automotive systems is often inhibited by mechanical limitations. Blow past those barriers with a high-performance coating.

Don’t settle for less. Our coatings are engineered to perform.

UPT AGMA member - high-performance protective coatings for gears. lower friction, minimize wear,  reduce corrosion. DLC for gears
protective coatings for automotive applications

Peak Performance

Automotive mechanical systems endure demanding conditions. From the powertrain to the suspension system, wear, corrosion, and friction reduce efficiency, performance, and longevity. The traditional approach is to drench components with fluid lubricants. There’s a better way! Our high-performance nanocomposite coatings significantly enhance a mechanical component’s ability to withstand wear, battle corrosion, and perform at the highest level. That’s why the Department of Defense and top NASCAR teams coat their critical components with our proprietary coatings.
pvd titanium coating

All the Benefits

Stop cruising the slow lane and start experiencing the benefits enjoyed by top companies.
  • Unparalleled Performance
  • Boosted System Efficiency
  • Next-level Wear Resistance
  • Enhanced Impact Strength
  • Significantly Reduced Friction
  • Improved Corrosion Resistance
  • Fuel Savings
  • Longer Component Life
  • Lower Carbon Buildup
  • Reduced Seizing
  • Eco-friendly Application Process
  • Adheres to Aluminum
diamond-like coating (DLC) for Pistons

Commonly Coated Components

Wheel Hubs
Seal Rings
Finger Followers
Lug Nuts
Connecting Rods
Piston Pins
DLC for pistols


Extend the life and improve the efficiency of diesel engines. Reduced friction and wear lead to gains that really add up over the long haul.
DLC for pistols


Boost off-road performance by increasing wear and corrosion resistance of hard-working components. Our coatings keep you on-trail when you're off-grid.
diamond-like carbon coatings for internal combustion engines


Super-low friction coatings can improve fuel efficiency and increase performance for the daily commute.
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