Centrifugal Polishing

From Rough to Polished to Protected.


From functional improvements to aesthetics, the benefits of polishing your components are many.
  • Improved durability & strength
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Reduced points of stress concentration
  • Better load distribution
  • Improved cleanability
  • Reduced coefficient of friction
  • High-end aesthetics
  • Enhanced Adhesion
  • Edge radiusing for comfortable handling
Polishing services, metal finishing, dlc coated
Polished pistol frame coated with P51+TM DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)
polished dlc coated pistol barrel
Polished barrel coated with P51+TM DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)


The process isn't complete after polishing, now it's time to protect your product. The best news is that we offer industry-leading, proprietary, high-performance, protective coatings. Polish and Protect under one roof.
cvd diamond
Increased Hardness
corrosion resistant coating
Greater Corrosion Resistance
dlc coated
Reduced Friction
protective dlc coatings near me
Enhanced Aesthetics
pvd titanium
Increased Part Life
black dlc
Reduced Wear
titanium nitride coating near me
Maximized Reliability
black pvd coating
Minimized Operating Cost
titanium pvd
Increased Performance
thin film coatings dlc coating
Ultra-thin (3 - 5 microns)

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UPT Advantage


Using our multi-step centrifugal polishing process and precise media selection we’re able to achieve a surface roughness (Ra) of one microinch. After polishing, a high-performance protective coating can be applied to further enhance your product.


We're a surface engineering company backed by over two decades of surface study and solution development. Our on-site tribology lab allows us to accurately characterize surface properties, ensuring you receive the ideal finish.

Frictionless Service

When you work with UPT you'll receive personal service designed to provide you with a frictionless experience. Our experts in surface finishing can guide you from rough piece to polished component to protected product.
aluminum titanium nitride coated polished bolt carrier
Polished bolt carrier coated with E17TM AlTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride)
polished bolt carriers
Polished bolt carriers coated with E17TM (top), E18TM (middle), and P51+TM (bottom)

Industries Served

black pvd coating for guns
dlc coated knives
coatings for aerospace components
protective coatings for defense industry
better performance for automotive components dlc coating
medical device coating
prevent corrosion in food and beverage
Food & Beverage
prevent corrosion oil and gas
Oil & Gas
protective coating for injection modling
dlc coating services
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