Oil & Gas

Next-generation, nanocomposite coatings to protect critical components used in the harsh environments of the Oil & Gas industry.
reduce corrosion in oil and gas applications
protect against corrosion in oil and gas applications

Challenge Accepted

Equipment used in the Oil & Gas industry face some of the harshest environments any equipment can encounter. Materials used in this industry must be capable of withstanding extreme wear, corrosion, fatigue, heat, high impact loads, and other forces, making material selection and component design vital. These challenges are exactly what our nanocomposite coatings are engineered to combat.
reduce corrosion in oil and gas applications
reduce corrosion in oil and gas applications


Component failure in any oil or gas operation can lead to devastating effects, endangering life and the environment. That’s why failure isn’t an option which is why any advancements in failure prevention are worth incorporating. Understanding the cause of component failure is key in this battle. UPT leading-edge coatings have been specifically engineered to overcome some of the primary failure modes experienced by oil and gas components.
diamond like carbon coating to fight corrosion in the oil and gas industry


Offshore or onshore, the equipment used in oil & gas exploration, harvesting, and distribution faces an unrelenting enemy, corrosion. Despite the material and manufacturing advances used to create this equipment, corrosion remains a formidable opponent. Advanced thin-film coatings can level the playing field, enhancing the corrosion resistance of equipment and components.
diamond like carbon coating to fight wear in the oil and gas industry


Wear is a primary failure mode for components used in the oil and gas industry and that’s no surprise considering the environments in which those components are required to operate. Due to the unique properties of our coatings, wear, both adhesive and abrasive, is practically eliminated. This means less failure, less maintenance, longer component life, and lower cost.
diamond like carbon coating to fight impact loads in the oil and gas industry


Oil & Gas components can experience frequent high impact loads, which can lead to component failure. While materials used to manufacture these components have come a long way, they may not have the load capacity necessary in the field. The ability to withstand this impact is directly related to the hardness and energy absorption characteristics of the material to which the force is being applied. Our nanocomposite coatings amplify these characteristics helping to create components that have extremely high hardness and excellent energy absorption allowing those components to last longer while maintaining elevated performance.
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Battlefield Tested

diamond-like carbon coating for guns

Like Oil & Gas components, the components used in military equipment see extremely harsh conditions. Our advanced coatings have been proven to significantly improve the reliability, performance, and longevity of the components we’ve coated.

We continue to be a primary explorer and engineer of advanced coatings for the Department of Defense, giving our troops the battlefield advantage.