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Our proprietary, protective nanocomposite coatings can: 
Resist Wear
Reduce Friction
Prevent Corrosion
Increase Hardness
diamond-like carbon coating, DLC coating
No matter the industry, there exist common efficiency sinks and failure modes. Our coatings have been engineered to tackle these challenges. The result? Higher performance, longer component life, greater reliability, and more.
united protective technologies produces protective coatings for military application, aerospace defense coatings

Battlefield Tested

diamond-like carbon coating for guns
From it's inception, UPT has worked with the SBIR, STTR, and DoD to develop cutting-edge nanocomposite coatings. These coatings give the US military a strategic advantage on the battlefield by increasing performance and equipment life.
It started with the research, development, and implementation of thin-films to protect windscreens and the leading edge of rotor blades. This advancement increased the service life of military aircraft, reduced cost, and gave the US military a battlefield advantage.
The best part is that these battlefield tested coatings are available for the battles your equipment faces. Whether it's a high impact manufacturing process, a corrosive offshore environment, or a complex mechanical system laden with friction, we have a coating that will equip you for that battlefield.
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united protective technologies
dlc coating for military equipment
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