A nanocomposite coating engineered to withstand demanding machining applications.
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Aluminum Titanium Nitride
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Aluminum Titanium Nitride

Combining high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and an increased maximum operating temperature results in a coating that is perfect for the most demanding machining applications like gear toothing and punching. This is exactly what E17 was engineered to do, although the possible applications extend well beyond machining.

E17 – All the Benefits

E17 is a proprietary nanocomposite coating engineered for applications that benefit from high hardness, increased wear resistance, low friction, increased maximum operating temperature, and corrosion resistance.

Increased Hardness

Corrosion Resistant

Increased Wear Resistance

Eco-friendly Process

High Heat Resistance

Super-low Friction

Preserves Dimensional Properties

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High-Performance Pioneers

Since our inception UPT has been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through the development of high-performance coatings. We’re passionate about solving real-world performance robbing problems our clients experience every day.

We focus on developing surface solutions like nanocomposite coatings that combat primary mechanical failure modes, wear, corrosion, friction, and heat. Our engineered coatings have been proven to reduce all these concerns and in-turn boost the performance of the coated components, parts, systems, and products our clients produce. Our clients enjoy leading-edge solutions backed by frictionless service.

E17 Applications

Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

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Gear Toothing

Frictionless Service

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We'll apply the recommended coating to your component in our ISO 9001 certified facility.
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You'll enjoy all the benefits a next-generation coating paired with frictionless service has to offer.




Should you bring your component coating in-house? This is a question we hear a lot of companies asking. What we have found is that focusing on your core competency leads to better results. That’s why we focus on coatings. We don’t sell machines and coatings and coating services and condiments.

We’re experts at coating technology. We’re constantly thinking about coatings, how to make them better, how to apply them better, and how to keep our clients ahead of their competitors through the adoption of next generation coating technology. We want to be a trusted ally in your production process and ensure your product is leading edge, not lagging behind. Why bring it in house when you can bring in the experts?

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