UPT receives grant for new hypersonic material research and development

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Locust, NC
September 11, 2023

United Protective Technologies (UPT) is pleased to announce the reception of a One North Carolina Small Business Program grant in the amount of $69,929. This grant will be used to continue UPT's development of a new material for hypersonic vehicle components that experience extreme temperatures.

While supersonic speeds have become commonplace for advanced weaponry and vehicles, the movement towards hypersonic speeds has presented new barriers for engineers and scientists. Hypersonic speeds are considered speeds of Mach 5 (3,836 mph) and above. That's five times the speed of sound.

"At hypersonic speeds, friction creates tremendous amounts of heat that has to be transferred away from critical components. Traditional materials aren't suitable for this type of application, which is why new advanced materials must be developed." said Doug Moulton - Business Development Manager at UPT

UPT has a long history of pushing the boundaries of material science to develop new, innovative technologies that enable the future. Beyond simply developing new technologies, UPT has excelled at the application and commercialization of these new technologies. One example is P51+, an industry leading diamond-like carbon coating that minimizes wear, reduces friction, and protects against corrosion. The current hypersonic research and development project is sponsored by the United States Navy, Department of Defense through a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

About UPT

United Protective Technologies is a leader in the development and application of high-performance protective coatings for critical components. For more than two decades UPT has pushed the boundaries of surface engineering through the introduction of proprietary coatings that protect against wear, corrosion, friction. With a strong foundation in research and development, UPT continues to provide its customers with the latest in surface protection and performance technology.

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Thermal management at hypersonic speeds