United Protective Technologies (UPT) adds centrifugal polishing capabilities to compliment high-performance protective coating services.

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Locust, NC
August 21, 2023

United Protective Technologies (UPT) is pleased to announce the addition of centrifugal polishing capabilities to its Locust, North Carolina facility, expanding its surface solution services. This addition continues UPT’s mission to provide its customers an ideal surface with frictionless service. Customers will now be able to go from rough part to finished product with one supplier.

“We saw an opportunity to simplify logistics and reduce production time for our customers by providing these complimentary services under one roof and building on our experience of providing fast, reliable service,” said Doug Moulton, UPT Business Development Manager.

UPT now has the capability to provide customers with a mirror-like finish that can achieve a surface roughness (Ra – roughness average) of one microinch. This finish is often used to provide aesthetic enhancements and improve performance characteristics, especially in sliding applications. After finishing, UPT applies a protective coating, such as their proprietary diamond-like carbon P51+, which will further enhance a component’s performance and longevity.

“This addition to our service portfolio was the logical next step in our goal to provide our customers with the best surface possible. The combination of centrifugal polishing and industry leading protective coatings gives our customers a competitive advantage,” said Doug Moulton.

About UPT

United Protective Technologies is a leader in the development and application of high-performance protective coatings for critical components. For more than two decades UPT has pushed the boundaries of surface engineering through the introduction of proprietary coatings that protect against wear, corrosion, friction. With a strong foundation in research and development, UPT continues to provide its customers with the latest in surface protection and performance technology.

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Polished 1911 Frame coated with P51+ Diamond-like Carbon (DLC)